The Morpheus Experience

It would be remiss when discussing Morpheus, to simply brush past the design.  It is reflected in every facet of the hotel, and the stunning silhouette of the building is mesmerising before one even enters its doors.  Not simply in the architectural highlights, jagged edges, dramatic ceiling height and calming hues.  But also in the staff’s uniforms, designed by Barney Cheung, the business cards and even the menus.  Every element of Morpheus comes together to form a geometrical symphony.
The hotel of Melco Crown Resorts Corporation in Macau, was designed by the late Dame Zaha Hadid.  The name ‘Morpheus’, is taken from the Greek God of Dreams, hardly surprising once you step into the inspirational lobby.  The futuristic atmosphere and incredible architectural features appear to defy logic, and indeed are dreamlike.
From the lobby, I was whisked up, in one of the exposed feature elevators, to Voyages by Alain Ducasse, for a pre dinner cocktail.  The restaurant is relaxed yet chic, echoing the modernist design of the building, but through softer qualities.  The space features a semi outdoor seating area, an oasis of greenery in otherwise hectic Macau. The cocktail menu and canapés are refreshing and unique, with flavours aimed to lead you around the world through the scents and spices.
Of course the spotlight is on the next restaurant I visited, which is the first opened by Alain Ducasse in Macau.  My expectations were of an authentic and traditional french style running through Restaurant Alain Ducasse, however it too mirrored the modernist design of its exterior, albeit with more of a minimalist touch.  The menu is sprinkled with the signatures of Chef Ducasse like Gold Caviar with saffron, sea bass and foie gras, and in that sense delivered very much the Ducasse experience one would expect.
The wine list, which was naturally French dominant, boasted favourites such as Coche Dury, Cecile Tremblay and d’Auvenay but they featured alongside up and coming brands like Benoit Ente, Paul Pillot and Arnoux Lachaux steal the attention also with fair prices. Outside of France, there is some interesting Brunello di Montalcino and New Zealand’s South Island Pinot Noirs on offer. I enjoyed a Pouilly Fumé, based on the recommendation of the sommelier which perfectly complemented the summer dishes!
The evening finished perfectly with the Ducasse selection of chocolate from their Maison in Paris, the outstanding flavour and delicacy of which, was matched only by its unique design- the geometric outline of Morpheus itself.
– Jessica Chan

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