2016 Burgundy Vintage: How does it rate?

Burgundy En Primeur Offers have been in full swing this past month, so what should you know about the vintage?

Allen Meadows recently released his report and summary on the vintage; the key takeaway for readers is that when the 2016s are good, they are excellent and entirely classic in style. And there are certainly some wines where I preferred the 2016 version to its 2015 counterpart. That said though, when taken as a whole, 2016 cannot match 2015 in terms of raw quality. That some readers may ultimately prefer the style of 2016 to 2015 would not be completely surprising as one is a vintage of heat and concentration and the other is a vintage of transparency and elegance.”

Let’s take a look at the top wines of the vintage by Allen Meadows and Neal Martin:



MEADOWS: ROUMIER wins with 93-95pts but it’s interesting to note Bruno CLAIR and DUJAC were granted the same score

NEAL MARTIN: ROUMIER, MORTET and DUJAC share the top spot with 95-97pts, followed by Benjamin LEROUX who is becoming a serious contender with 94-96pts.


MEADOWS: ROUSSEAU wins with 96-99pts followed by DUGAT PY (94-97pts) whose production is 10x smaller than Rousseau. Then comes MORTET, followed by TRAPET (93-96pts).

NEAL MARTIN: TRAPET (95-97pts), then ROUSSEAU, DUJAC & MORTET (94-96pts).





MEADOWS: MUGNIER and ROUMIER at the top with 95-98pts, VOGUE (92-95pts).

NEAL MARTIN: ROUMIER (97-99pts), DROUHIN LAROZE & VOUGERAIE (95-97pts), MUGNIER (94-97pts), DROUHIN & TAWSE (94-96pts) and finally VOGUE (93-95pts). 


MEADOWS: MEO CAMUZET (94-97pts) beating DRC (93-96pts).

NEAL MARTIN: GRIVOT & HUDELOT NOELLAT (96-98pts), DRC (95-97pts), Anne GROS (94-96pts), MEO CAMUZET “only” (93-95pts).


MEADOWS: CATHIARD (93-96pts) rated the same as DRC.

NEAL MARTIN: CATHIARD (95-97pts) followed by DUJAC & DRC (94-96pts)




The difference of opinion is clear with Meadows affirming Rousseau to be the best producer of Chambertin whilst Neal Martin has backed TRAPET instead. The notable absence of VOGUE wines from the top, shows where the two critics see eye to eye, as well as the following 3 facts:

  • The Best producer of ROMANEE SAINT VIVANT is CATHIARD.
  • The Best producer of MUSIGNY is ROUMIER.
  • The Best producer of CHAMBERTIN CLOS DE BEZE is ROUSSEAU.

Have you noticed any other absences? Domaine Leroy!   The reason for this is that Lalou-Bize Leroy only allows wine critics to try her wines once.  Therefore, critics can choose either to taste from the Barrel, or 2 years later in bottle- but not twice. We can guess which tasting these critics opted for!



CATHIARD, Romanee Saint Vivant 2012 – 94-96NM
CATHIARD, Romanee Saint Vivant 2013 – 93-95NM
CATHIARD, Romanee Saint Vivant 2014 – 96-98NM
CATHIARD, Romanee Saint Vivant 2015 – 96-98NM
CATHIARD, Romanee Saint Vivant 2016 – 95-97NM

ROUSSEAU, Chambertin Clos de Beze 2013 – 97NM
ROUSSEAU, Chambertin Clos de Beze 2014 – 95NM
ROUSSEAU, Chambertin Clos de Beze 2015 – 98-100NM
ROUSSEAU, Chambertin Clos de Beze 2016 – 97-99NM

ROUMIER, Musigny 2015 – 99-100NM
ROUMIER, Musigny 2016 – 97-99NM

ROUMIER, Amoureuses 2013 – 92NM
ROUMIER, Amoureuses 2014 – 96-98NM
ROUMIER, Amoureuses 2015 – 97-99NM
ROUMIER, Amoureuses 2016 – 96-98NM

This shows the 2016 vintage is really not to be neglected- nearly as good as the 2015’s, better than the 2014s and even better than the 2013s.


Biggest revelations of the 2016 vintage?

  • Armand ROUSSEAU, Ruchottes-Chambertin.
  • ROUMIER, Amoureuses
  • Denis MORTET, Mazis-Chambertin.
  • DAUVISSAT, Chablis Les Clos

All 4 wines above were rated the same as LA TACHE, ROMANEE CONTI and LA ROMANEE (96-98pts).  Unsurprisingly, I’m already looking forward to these wines arriving in Hong Kong next year!

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