Champagne Harvest 2017

Not forgetting the growers up North!

Olivier Collin, David Leclapart and Alexandre Chartogne have all been giving us their feedback on the 2017 Vintage. Alexandre and David completed their harvest by the 9th September, while Olivier was finishing up on Monday 11th, so they all had plenty to reflect upon.

OlivierCollin2Olivier Collin

By and large the collective opinion in this region was that 2017 was not an easy vintage. With frost in Champagne in the Spring seriously reducing the yields of these three growers. David suffered two-fold, due to hail in June, as a result of which he won’t be able to produce his Cuvée Apotre for 2017.

DavidLeclapartDavid Leclapart

The Champagne growers had to pick early in order to avoid botrytis. Alexandre began his harvest on the 1st September, while both David and Olivier held out until the 4th. They had to do some sorting in the vineyard but overall they were delighted by the quality of the grapes. Some rot was evident on the red grapes, pinot noir and pinot meunier, while the white grapes, chardonnay, were far cleaner. These early indications suggest that for Champagne, 2017 might a vintage for white rather than red.

Looking forward to finding out more over the coming months!

– Lucy Kelly

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