Burgundy Harvest 2017: Updates

Work in the vineyards of Burgundy has been frantically continuing, with some hurried along by the risk of rain over the weekend…

Domaine Mugneret Gibourg, one of the most highly regarded estates alongside DRC and Leroy started their harvest last Tuesday with Echezeaux, as it’s an old vineyard with small grapes.  Sisters Marie Andree and Marie Christine then moved onto Vosne Romanee Villages and Nuits Saint Georges ‘les Chaignots’ on Wednesday. On Thursday, they picked Nuits Saint Georges ‘Bas de Combe’, Clos Vougeot and the remainder of Vosne Romanee Villages. Their goal was to finish the harvest before the predicted rain on Saturday, while they grew concerned as they began to see signs of Botrytis and were hoping to finish everything today before the rain expected on Saturday.


Clos Vougeot of Domaine Mugneret Gibourg

Friday was a busy day for Vosne Romanee, as everyone was keen to pick before the rain, which was due to fall on Saturday. DRC was harvesting Romanee Conti, while Comte Liger Belair focused on La Romanee. Remi Poisot, who was doing his parcel of Romanee St Vivant, said he was quite pleased with the 2017 vintage, despite the yield in his Romanee Saint Vivant being lower than expected due to a boarmie attack in Spring. (Boarmies are insects which eat the buds, therefore are extremely dangerous for the vines).


Remi Poisot

Gilbert Felettig also decided to harvest his ‘Reignots’ before the rain arrived for fear of dilution. Gilbert began his harvest on Thursday with his Echezeaux. The photo below is taken from Felettig’s ‘Reignots’, with a view over la Romanee, La Romanee Conti, La Romanee Saint Vivant and in the background the village of Vosne Romanee.


Arnaud Mortet started harvesting last Wednesday, 6th September, although said he was sorry he had not begun slightly earlier, however his new cuverie was not yet ready. He has built a stunning new cuverie with concrete VATs. Arnaud was visibly happy with the quality and quantity of the vintage.


Sorting in Domaine Denis Mortet

Over in Chablis, Patrick Piuze was, as usual, one of the first in the village to begin harvesting, starting on 1st September. Patrick was delighted with the quality of the villages, while a Spring frost saw a minor drop in quantity for some Premier Crus.

– Paul Miller

Check back for more updates, as well as a report on the 2017 Champagne Harvest

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