Arnaud Ente: A New Benchmark for Chardonnay

Domaine Arnaud Ente is a complete revelation for me. I have tried Coche Dury, Leflaive, Leroux, Boisson-Vadot and countless other white Burgundy producers but never have I been wowed quite like this.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “oh but your young palate has never tasted the greats like DRC’s Batard or Auvenay’s Chevalier” but to put this into context, the Arnaud Ente I tried was a mere 2013 Bourgogne Blanc – one of the lowest classifications in Burgundy.

Such a simple wine, that gives so much. It has everything you could want from a well-balanced Burgundy chardonnay – lemon, apple, mineral – all bound together with a hint of smokiness. The flavours instantly hit your nose and palate from the first sip – this is a wine that does not wait to show off.

But show off it did. As soon as we realised just how incredibly good this wine was, we scurried off to the nearest oyster shop (thank god just a stones throw away) so that we could fully savour the bottle.


I now keep my eyes peeled for this domaine and look forward to the opportunity to try any of his villages or 1er Crus. Not only that, but it has heightened by anticipation of trying his brother Benoit Ente’s wines- and I’ll report once I do. In the meantime, don’t deprive yourself another second, and don’t take my word for it, you simply must taste for yourself – if you can find it that is.


Tasting Note: The ultimate straightforward, no nonsense, easy and fresh White Burgundy that punches far beyond its weight in grace and class.

Written by Joy Chan (ThisYoungWino)

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