Producers’ Weekend: Recap

For all those who made it to one of our events, we hope you enjoyed yourselves, and for all those who couldn’t attend this year- there is always 2018.  But until then, read below some of the highlights and shining stars of our Producers’ Weekend in Hong Kong.

Portfolio Tasting: Thursday 9th March

To kick our happenings off we began with the Portfolio Tasting at the Liang Yi Museum on Hollywood Road.  The museum is cool and minimal with white walls, shutters and smooth black tiles juxtaposing the exciting line up of wines around the room.  158 to be precise, from 40 domaines.  Champagne, Rhone Valley, Jura, Savoie, Loire Valley, Irouleguy and of course, Burgundy.

The big names such as Domaine Cecile Tremblay (her hard to get Chambolle was a popular choice of the evening), Domaine Sylvain Cathiard and Domaine Leroy were extremely popular- as expected. One of the favourites of the evening was Bertheau’s 1er Cru Les Charmes.  There was also very positive feedback on Domaine Laurent Roumier, with many guests trying these superb wines for the very first time, particularly their Bonnes Mares.  This pure wine with nice acidity and a touch of leather caused most who tried to return for a second taste.

One of the more adventurous and relatively unknown estates of the evening, Domaine Illaria from the south-east of France was given a notably good reception and a fitting welcome to our portfolio.

Guests who came with an appetite were not disappointed as BAM Le Garde Manger were on hand with delicacies from France, such as Chaource and Comté to keep energy levels high.

The presence of many winemakers themselves was the cause of much excitement, with Anne Gros, Benjamin Leroux, Gilbert Felettig, Alexandre Chartogne, Olivier Collin and Rémi Poisot, all flying into Hong Kong for the few days.  Leroux’ lineup had many enraptured for a long period of the evening as he explained his winemaking process, likewise, Anne Gros’ Richebourg lead to a lengthy queue- and guests were not disappointed.

 Masterclasses: Friday 10th March

There were 3 Masterclasses being put on; Chartogne Taillet, Ulysse Collin and the 2015’s of Burgundy (feat. Anne Gros, Benjamin Leroux, Gilbert Felettig and Rémi Poisot).  All classes took place at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Upstairs at the Champagne Masterclasses guests were delighted to hear first hand from Olivier Collinas to his winemaking techniques and the challenges he faces in the vineyard.  It was the first time we at Imperatrice served Les Enfers publicly as this wine is normally only available for sales in the Quintet case series.  Olivier recounted to us how Les Enfers, a wine of great depth, is a neighbour of Les Roises, their blanc de blancs.  Although just a few meters away from each other, they are subject to a slightly different exposure.

Later they were treated to accounts from Alexandre Chartogne, relating to his vilification process. Guests tried the full range of Chartogne-Taillet Champagne and Alexandre gave guests an insight on each terroir.  He explained how the differences between each of the cuvees is not, as one might think, about the grape varieties, but instead the terroir of Merfy plays the larger part in differentiating. He particularly focused on explaining the special terroir of Merfy, a relatively unknown region.


Downstairs at the Burgundy Masterclass, guests were treated to testimonials from four impressive Burgundian winemakers, about the 2015 vintage and their own experiences in the vineyard.  This kind of intimate knowledge straight from the source is hard to come by and guests left with a wealth of facts about each vineyard.

Guests were pleased to discover that there were many gems from the 2015 vintage, with Anne Gros’s Echezeaux 2015 catching the eye of one attendee who remarked on its “beautiful complexity”.  For Leroux, his Mazoyeres Chambertin was the favourite for many. The depth, structure and length at so young an age left many anticipating great things.  Rémi Poisot’s Romanée St Vivant was also incredibly popular, as it was noted for being extremely well balanced.



La Paulée: Friday 10th March

The revellery came to a pinnacle on Friday evening when we gathered in the Harbour View Ballroom of the Four Seasons to celebrate our own Paulée.  Upon arriving, guests were greeted with champagne from both Ulysses Collin (Les Perrieres) and Chartogne Taillet (Cuvée St Anne).  Inside they were led to their table- each scattered with various fantastic bottles from l’Imperatrice and shortly after joined by the spectacular bottles brought by the guests themselves.

Gems of the evening making their way around the room included: Drouin’s 2007 Montrachet Grand Cru, Anne Gros’ 1999 Clos Vougeot Grand Cru, Michel Noellat’s 1966 Vosne Romanée Les Beaumonts, Momessin’s 1988 Clos de Tart Grand Cru andDomaine Dujac’s 2004 Echezeaux Grand Cru.

What the guests said…

“Anne Gros Clos Vougeot Grand Cru 1999 was definitely the wine of the night. It is elegance and power all the same time. My table lineup was the best!”

“A highlight would be the Bouchard Montrachet 1999 and Gros Clos de Vougeot”

“It was neat that a guest managed to find a ’66 Vosne Romanee 1er Cru Les Beaumonts that was in the birth year of Anne. It is her birthday a month later to the date so we all toasted an early Happy Birthday to her!  The wine smelled of soya sauce but had amazing fruit and complexity still on the palate. A memory to treasure for sure.”

The two full days of events were fun and informative (the best combination).  Thank you to all who joined in making them such a success- we look forward to seeing you at our other events throughout the year.  More info on these can be found on our Facebook or by checking the events page of our website: 

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